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Posted on Tue, Jun. 22, 2004  Grand Forks Herald

EDITORIAL: New logo says it all

OUR VIEW: Northwestern Minnesota's new logo promises to 'brand' the region as an attractive, outdoorsy place.

Wildlife recreationers spent $108 billion on their pastime in 2001, according to a new report by the Federal Reserve Bank's Center for the Study of Rural America. "To put that in perspective, that amount was more than the total cash receipts of the U.S. livestock industry in the same year."

Furthermore, "rural places with a regional identity that embraces both entertainment and wildlife amenities are probably in the best position to capture wildlife recreation's dollars."

Which means the Northwest Regional Development Commission deserves praise for recognizing exactly that.

The commission recently released a new logo for northwest Minnesota, and it's as easy on the eye as the sight of a breeze rippling across a field of wheat. The "Land of the Dancing Sky" logo smartly takes advantage of the northern lights, one of the region's finest but least-marketed natural wonders. By picturing the lights undulating above a fertile field, the logo does just what it's supposed to do: showcase northwest Minnesota in an intriguing and attractive way. It's a keeper.

The commission hopes to see the logo adorn northwest Minnesota products, ranging from snowmobiles to jellies and jams. It'll also be used to highlight unique attractions, a commission spokesperson said.

That makes the Center for the Study of Rural America's new numbers especially relevant.

The center's report, "Wildlife Recreation: Rural America's Newest Billion Dollar Industry," notes that in smalltown America, "new opportunities are not arising from traditional sources - commodity industries such as agriculture or mining." But the growth potential is there in wildlife recreation, which counted 82 million people as participants in 2001 - two-thirds to three-quarters of whom live in metro areas.

Consider a case study everyone in northwestern Minnesota knows: Cabela's. The outdoor sporting goods company's East Grand Forks store now is a regional landmark, and it's just one of several Cabela's to have opened around the Midwest in recent years.

But communities as well as businesses can take advantage of these historic growth trends. Why is Cabela's growing? Because it's a smart, well-run company - and because it's capitalizing on the nationwide surge in wildlife recreation.

Can northwestern Minnesota capture some of that growth, too? Consider this: Four states have led the nation in per-capita spending by out-of-state residents for wildlife recreation, according to the center's report. They are Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

Plains states can compete for wildlife recreationers, in other words. Northwestern Minnesota, the Land of the Dancing Sky, can, too.

Tom Dennis for the Herald









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